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Waypoint Church Partners is a regional organization forged in September 2015 by Envision Church Planting in North Carolina and the Virginia Evangelizing Fellowship.

Waypoint Church Partners exists to strengthen the Kingdom of God through serving established churches and planting new churches throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Waypoint Church Partners offers services designed to help your church and leadership grow to impact your community for Christ, including Fusion Groups, Leadership Seminars, Guest and Facility Evaluations, Personalized Consultations and much more. We have provided many forms of assistance to churches since 1938. To learn more about the services that Waypoint offers existing churches, visit our Services page.

Since 1990, the Waypoint Church Partners, Envision and the Virginia Evangelizing Fellowship, have planted thirty-two successful churches (and counting!). Waypoint not only offers financial assistance but comes alongside those church plant leaders to help train them to build growing communities focused on the message of Christ’s love. Check out our Church Plant Map to learn more about Waypoint church plants.

Want to know more about where we came from? Check out Our Story.

image-comingsoon-logo-353x75-300x64 About - Waypoint Church Partners