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While most ministers identify in themselves the gifts of teaching and pastoral care, fewer than 1/3 say they possess the gift of leadership. Waypoint Fusion Groups include 4-6 leaders who meet regularly to explore together how to be pioneers of paradigm shifts in their churches, to expand their leadership skills, to better resource their ministry to reach its Kingdom potential, and to hold one another accountable to continue personal spiritual growth. Below is a map of the locations of current fusion groups and their general focus. To learn more about joining a Fusion group or starting one in your area, contact Neil Wheeler, Director of Leader Care, at nwheeler@waypointchurchpartners.com.

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“My Fusion group is a great combination of friendship, professional support, new ideas, learning, and laughs. It’s what I need each month.”
http://seed-designs.co.uk/mbed/gNPRJ8ny3no Matt Scott, Senior Minister, Colonial Heights, Norfolk, VA