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We appreciate the generations of individuals, churches, and organizations who have encouraged the work of the Virginia Evangelizing Fellowship and Envision since 1938. Thank you for considering joining this legacy of generosity through your tax-deductible donations to the Waypoint Church Partners.

We recently updated our online giving platform. Just click here, or on the link to the left, and start filling out your information.

You can sign in so that your giving information is saved (but secure), or you can give as a guest without having to set up an account or enter any additional information.

For VEF support partners…
The mailing address HAS NOT CHANGED!
PO Box 6224
Williamsburg, VA 23188

Checks should be made to Waypoint Church Partners.  For Church Planting, iPlant Churches and other designated funds, please add a note to the memo line.

To mail donations, use this address:
Waypoint Church Partners
P O Box 6224
Williamsburg, VA 23188

If you have any questions, please contact:

Donate Donate - Waypoint Church Partners

Did you know you can contribute to Waypoint Church Partners just by doing your normal online shopping? Using the specific Amazon link below will direct you to select a non-profit you wish to support with all of your shopping. By selecting Waypoint Church Partners, Amazon donates 0.5% of your purchase back to Waypoint Church Partners!

Set Up Amazon Smile