Typically, we will advertise the need for a church planter in a particular area and accept resumes for a closed amount of time. Like any employer, we look at past work experience, talk to references, listen to preaching podcasts, talk to family members, and much more. Several rounds of interviews take place as we narrow down potential candidates.

Once we have found “our guy” we usually spend some time with him in the proposed church plant location and together we prayerfully consider God’s will in his life.

We will then send the potential church planter and his spouse to a Church Planter Assessment Center for evaluation. A panel of church leaders, psychiatrists, and businessmen then assess their ability to bring a church through the planting process, and stay with it in the long run. If the Assessment “green lights” a potential church planter, they are hired and soon move on location.

What kind of support do you provide for new churches, both leading up to and post-launch?
Not only do we provide continual support, accountability, and coaching for church planters leading up to their launch date, we also stay by their side until the church is self-supporting, and beyond.

We know that there are many needs beyond just getting to opening day, and we want to insure the success of the church in every way possible.