The process of church planting begins long before the first service is ever held, and no two stories are the same. It usually begins with extensive research about the needs of a certain community, but can also start with a church planting candidate coming forward with a particular location on his heart, or a community coming together and simply asking for a new church to be planted in their area.

Next, we find a church planter we believe to be suitable for the area, and he is sent (with his spouse) to an Assessment Center to evaluate his leadership, communication, and community-building skills.

Shortly after he approved through Assessment, he and his family move to the area they intend to plant a church in (assuming they do not already live there) and start to get plugged into that community. Eventually they start hosting small groups and invite interested individuals to their home in order to build their “launch team”. They will also use this time to get a jump start on serving their community in various ways.

After a launch team is established and a suitable Sunday Worship location is found, the team will host a few “preview services” so the launch team can practice the motions of what makes a Sunday Service happen, and so the people in the community can come and get a feel for that this church will eventually be.

Finally, after months of research, prayer, hard work, and sleepless nights, a church plant is born.