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Church leaders are an essential part of the health of any growing church. But if your church leaders are constantly pouring into others, how can you pour back into them? Click here for more information.

Waypoint-Services_seminars-retreats Lead - Waypoint Church Partners

Can i buy viagra online with a prescription, Viagra super force reviews

Waypoint Church Partners offers multiple seminars each year on critical topics for church leaders.  Recent presentations were The Art of the Sermon and By-laws Training. Waypoint expanded its reach by offering these seminars in both North Carolina and Virginia. Waypoint staff members also lead local and regional retreats for congregations. Vision, values, ministry planning and future direction for churches are popular topics.

Creighton-Beatty Lead - Waypoint Church Partners
“I enjoyed my time at the Preaching Seminar. I was blessed to learn new ideas and be encouraged where I serve. This material was timely as we look at new directions and evaluate ministries. I want to thank [Waypoint] for their ministry to the church.”
Creighton Beatty, Sr Minister, Burlington Christian Church, NC

Leader Care

Studies show that 70% of pastors and pastor’s wives regularly battle stress, fear and isolation as a result of their commitment to ministry. As many as 2,000 pastors leave the ministry each month. Who holds up your weary arms when you are tired? Who comes to your side when you are drained? Who pauses to pray for you when you face ministry overload? The Waypoint Director of Leader Care provides personal care for leaders through phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and prayer.

Waypoint-Services_coaching Lead - Waypoint Church Partners

One-on-One Ministry Coaching

One-On-One Coaching improves ministry skills, develops leadership, and strengthens the local congregation. Andy Stanley says of coaching: “No one can achieve his full potential without a coach.” Waypoint offers individual coaching to ministers across the region with a team of trained and certified peer coaches.

1a187f7 Lead - Waypoint Church Partners
“Coaching is a powerful equipper and encourager for both the one being coached and the coach, making a real difference in my ministry and the ministry of other leaders.”
Mike Steiner, Senior Minister, Stafford County Christian, Stafford, VA