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tim_coleBW Staff and Board - Waypoint Church Partners
Tim ColeExecutive Director
Tim grew up in an Air Force family and graduated from Cincinnati Christian University (BS) in 1988 and Mount St. Joseph (MA) in 1990. He helped to start churches in France and Ukraine and was the lead planter for 2 Waypoint churches in Virginia. Tim oversees our daily operations, coaches church planters, leads management teams, consults and serves churches across the region.
Staff_Dave_Hileman-1 Staff and Board - Waypoint Church Partners
Dave HilemanAssociate Director
Dave grew up in Springdale, PA and graduated from Johnson University (BS) in 1978 and Eastern Mennonite University (MA) in 1983. Dave has nearly 40 years of ministry experience in Virginia and Tennessee churches. He is responsible for the development and implementation of many of Waypoint’s critical programs to serve churches. Dave has also been a strategist for regional church planting for over 25 years.
neil_wheeler Staff and Board - Waypoint Church Partners
Neil WheelerDirector of Leader Care
Neil grew up in Salem, Virginia and graduated from Johnson University (BA in 1977 & MA in 1992). He has ministered in NC and VA churches for nearly 40 years. A prayer warrior and relationship builder, Neil oversees Waypoint’s Fusion groups and offers pastoral care for preachers and church leaders. He plans our annual golf outings to share the mission of Waypoint with all who attend.
IMG_4101 Staff and Board - Waypoint Church Partners
Lisa ColePlanting Wives Care
Lisa grew up in central Indiana and graduated from Cincinnati Christian University in 1989 with a degree in Youth Ministry. As a child, her family was part of the launch team of a new church. Since 1997 Lisa has served as a Planting Wife for two Waypoint church plants in Virginia. She has also served churches as both a Children’s Minister and a Youth Minister. Lisa also helped catalyze the Virginia Pre-Teen Convention for 4th & 5th Graders.
cindy_hileman Staff and Board - Waypoint Church Partners
Cindy HilemanAdministrative Assistant
Cindy is from Natrona Heights, PA and graduated from Hood College in Frederick, MD. She manages the Waypoint financial records and database and oversees bookkeeping for some of the new church plants.

Waypoint Board Members

canva-photo-editor Staff and Board - Waypoint Church Partners
Tim HuntPresident
Lead Minister, Rich Acres Christian Church in Martinsville, VA
Pam TisonVice President
Newport News, VA
Jamie HatfieldSecretary
Administrator, Living Water Christian Church Salem, VA
Joseph PenningtonTreasurer
Glen Allen, VA
Bob LassiterDirector
LifePoint Christian Church Toano, VA.
Bob PaddockDirector
Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Church of Christ in Chatham, VA
Chad SimpkinsDirector
On Staff at The Journey Church in Springfield, VA
James Cameron BaileyDirector
Lead Pastor at Kenbridge Christian Church in Kenbridge, VA
Julie BotsetDirector
Associate Pastor at Journey Christian Church in Midlothian, VA
Lynnell GoacherDirector
Attends Blue Ridge Christian Church in Hendersonville, NC
Mike McNeelyDirector
Attends Mountain Christian Church in Joppa, MD
Patrick NorrisDirector
Lead Pastor of Beidges Christian Church in Pfafftown, NC
Pete KunkleDirector
Lead Minister, First Christian Church in Kernersville, NC
Stacy BishopDirector
Serves at New Life Christian Church in Winchester, VA
Travis MowellDirector
Lead Minister, Stafford County Christian Church in Stafford, VA